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5 Carpet Care Tips for the Winter Months


Winter is a hard season, not only on the exterior of your home, but also in the interior — including the carpet. From salt stains to moisture damage, your carpet can suffer a lot of wear in a few short months if you're not careful. Follow these five tips to take better care of your carpet in the winter months.

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7 Tips for Commercial Carpet Maintenance


Floors are one of the largest areas in a commercial building, and customers along with the employees are sure to notice when carpet becomes frayed or stained. Unfortunately, commercial carpeting is susceptible to accumulating large amounts of dirt in a short time simply because of the high amount of traffic.

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Banish Pet Odors and Stains with These Carpet Care Tips


Pets add a lot of joy to your life, but your favorite animal companion also generates a lot of little messes that add up over time. Unfortunately, all of those accidents combined contribute to stains and odors that detract from the beauty of your home.

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