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Pet Stain Treatment in Charleston, South Carolina

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Invisible Stains

When you’re house training your new puppy or teaching your kitten how to use the litterbox, your patience may be tried by multiple accidents in your home. Your dog may treat your carpet like the grass outside, or your cat may get mistakenly locked in a room, unable to get to the litter box. Accidents happen.

Even after blotting up the stain from an accident, residue can be left in the carpet, leaving an invisible stain. That residue can leave an odor in your carpet that can be difficult to remove.

Getting a Deep Clean

At AAA Carpet Care, we have the experience you can count on to deal with every pet stain properly. When we come to your home, we will thoroughly clean your carpets to remove the long-standing pet stains all the way down to the carpet pad, so you can be sure your carpets are truly clean.

Removing Odors

As we remove the pet stains in your home, we will also treat your carpet for odors. Our EPA-approved cleaning solutions will ensure your safety and the safety of any pets in your home, and they will effectively eliminate odors. With our professional staff working to lift pet stains from the deepest fibers of your carpet, your home will smell fresh and clean again.

You can count on our experienced staff and high-quality equipment to make your carpets spotless and fresh again. If you have pet stains or a lingering odor coming from your carpet, call us today. We will gladly give you a free estimate for our pet stain removal services.

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